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Experts in distribution of oil and plastic products in challenging areas and markets…

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Reliable suppliers of plastics and their raw materials to manufacturers as well as other…
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We readily offer support to international businesses and clients through our knowledge of the …
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Goods Shipping

We have also ventured into shipping of goods by establishing a reliable network with best shipping companies that offer flexible... Read More →

Free Consultancy

Vescon Limited emphasizes much in customer satisfaction and therefore we opt to give free consultancy services to our esteemed customers... Read More →

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Vescon Limited aims to build up a comprehensive expertise in the bulk distribution of products and oils, from marine transportation to storage and then on to final delivery of products to customers. Each of these operations being an essential part of the reliable and competitive service being offered.
Vescon Limited boasts of the ability to anticipate and quickly respond to market changes by using intimate knowledge of various contacts. This is proven by the company’s success in the sale and distribution of various raw materials to a large number of industries .
Vescon Limited aims to build a customer focused support in consideration to its surroundings, predominately in its relations and experiences within East Africa, to be able to be a recognized company, with several affiliated companies located in the World.

Vescon Limited

Vescon Limited is a distributor of oil, oil by products and plastic raw material in East Africa. We pride ourselves in distribution and trade in other related products and are a rapidly expanding entity.

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